The Job’s Peak Ranch Vision


Put simply, this is a very pleasant place to live. It’s an approach toward living that embraces – rather than conquers and removes – those natural pleasures that enhance our world.

Quietly understated history
In 1855, Moses Job settled at the foot of a mountain that would one day bear his name – Job’s Peak. His bustling village eventually returned to the soil. Owners – primarily ranchers and lumberjacks – came and went. But the area’s one constant – it’s irresistible beauty – is as potent today as ever.

As it was meant to be
We didn’t mess with a good thing. We took the land we’re blessed with and designed a master plan (utilizing GPS on every site) that ensured every home site conformed to the distinctive rolls, pitches and potential views it possessed. Each site’s building envelope is approximately 15,000 square feet. There are minimums and maximums on the square footage of each home, a means of maintaining a harmonious scale of balance within the community.

The art of integrating with nature
What make’s Job’s Peak Ranch special is not so much what we’ve done to this slice of paradise as much as what we haven’t done. Nature and its various and sundry residents comes first. Our roads were designed to minimize the impact on existing forest and sage meadows. We worked around deer migration routes. We even retain a registered forester. Trees outside building envelopes are protected. Fencing is minimal. Tranquility is optimal. And life around here goes on as it always has.

Our “extended” back yard…
Not only will you find a great place to make a home, but you’ll also discover a great place to live. The golf is great, the fishing is blue ribbon, skiing is world class; there’s Tahoe, nightlife, hiking and birding, all a half-cup of coffee away. Click here for a location map!

Nearby to Job’s Peak Ranch are many great recreational opportunities:

?? Ski Heavenly
Reno-Lake Tahoe
? ??Travel Nevada


Site Considerations
Using GPS allowed the development team to select designated building envelopes within each lot that best correlated to the natural elements of each site. Construction and landscaping is generally restricted to the designated building envelope. Home sizes are limited to a minimum of 2500 square feet, and are encouraged to not exceed 5% of the overall lot size. This approach guarantees a harmonious balance and scale within the community. A look out of a future home site’s south facing window shows winter approaching…and neighboring home sites in the distance. Careful site selection can ensure your privacy amongst other community members.

Community Owners Association
The streets within Job’s Peak Ranch including each of the cul-de-sacs are private and the maintenance is the responsibility of the Community Owners Association which is given the authority to establish fees and charge the members and residents their allocated share of the fee. The current fee is $150.00.

Mail Delivery
Mail is delivered to a central mailbox kiosk located at the entry of Job’s Peak Ranch.


? Total Acres: 1080 + –
? Dedicated Open Space (acres): 460 + –
? Average Lot Size: 4.0 + –
? Minimum Lot Size (acres): 2.0 + –
? Maximum Lot Size (acres): 17.0 + –
? Total Nevada Lots: 122
? Road Width – Primary: 24′
? Road Width – Secondary: 24′
? Road Width – Loops: 24′
? Minimum Home Size: 2500 SF

Job’s Peak Ranch is a gated community located in Nevada
at the base of Lake Tahoe.
A great place to make a home, a greater place to live.

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