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For all things old and new, this charming town, nestled in the valley ten miles east of Carson City has much to see and explore for historian buffs and outdoor lovers. Dayton originated with prospectors and settlers attracted by gold and by the Carson River that runs through the valley. The infamous Old Town Dayton’s, Pike Street, was once the Overland Trail. Moving westward, thousands of immigrants settled in the 1840’s and 50’s, making this the first settlement of Nevada. Today, Dayton’s historic pride has been preserved in Old Town with board sidewalks, colonial homes, shops and eateries all keeping the feel of history alive.

When visiting Dayton, begin your journey back in time and experience life as a soldier of the American Civil War. Dayton proudly offers many Battle Born Civil War Reenactments that date back to 1861-1865, a pivotal moment in the history of the United States. You’ll be mesmerized with the actors authentically reproduced uniforms, and props, from shoulder period muskets, to open fires for cooking, and the authentic canvas housing tents. If you listen closely, you’ll even hear dialect from the Civil War era.

More of the outdoor enthusiast? The Dayton Valley Golf & Country Club is home to an impressive Arnold Palmer Signature course and the beautiful Carson River, which winds through Dayton and Dayton Valley. The Carson River is a popular spot for rafting, canoeing, hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing. Not far away is the Lahontan State Recreation Area, a lovely place for boating and swimming.

The Town of Dayton’s time honored traditions can be discovered through many various events. Be sure to watch the Calendar of Events for Dayton to participate in these following attractions: Dayton Valley Days; a community celebration complete with a parade, rodeo, car show, pet parade, games, auctions and their annual chili cook-off, a festival for all palates.

Dayton’s measures of keeping the old along with the new gives locals
and visitors alike
an exciting place; past and present.

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